This is not a dream, but we did try to bring a piece of heaven just right now and here for you dear guests. Enjoy the Harmonia!

It is a wonderful feeling of happiness when dreams come true, and when ideas created by years of dedicated and hard work, are finally put together in an entity that is enjoyable for the family who was working on them, as well as for our dear guests. Harmonia apartments were established with the idea to cherish the nature that was so generously given to us, to shape it gently, so it is not disturbed in its magnificent glory but at same time work on it so it meets the demands of the contemporary guests. Family Djurasevic chose every detail of this harmonious entity carefully, the rooms will remind you of lavender fields, the floor of the sandy beaches and the doors will lead you closer to the silky blue sea. Embrace the Harmonie and enjoy your stay with us!